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FAQs - Matches and intros

What are intro calls?

Because of how important the right match is, reflect offers all customers free 20-minute intro calls to speak directly to your matches and learn more about their unique practices, as well as ask any questions you might have for them. We want to make sure you're excited about your match -- because fit is so important to a good therapeutic relationship.


There is no official format for these calls, so you should feel comfortable asking any questions or leading the conversation in a manner that you feel will give you the most benefit.


If you want to learn more about intro sessions, we do offer some tips to help you find the right match.

Are intro calls mandatory?

No, intro calls aren't required, and we are always more than happy to schedule sessions with a therapist at any time. However, we've found that members often feel very differently about who they want to choose before and after their intro calls. While we try to give you the essential information about your matches up front, there are many things that you can only discover by taking the time to talk to your potential therapist.

What do I talk about in my intros?

That's a great question! It's totally up to you what you want to cover. If you're interested, we go more in-depth on intro sessions and provide some sample questions for you to use here. If you're less interested in asking questions, just let your therapist know you'd like them to lead the call and tell you everything they can about their unique style and practice.


We do want to emphasize that intro calls are about determining how well you think you might fit with your matches and should not be treated as a mini therapy session. What we mean by that is this - you should definitely share some details about what issues you are facing and any other necessary background, but don't expect your matches to be providing you with any insights or solutions during this call. Instead, use the issues you're facing as a jumping-off point to better understand how your match has helped others with a similar situation in the past, or what specific tactics they might think of using to help you in the future.

What should I be look for in a potential therapist?

As with all things, this is different for everyone. First and foremost, you should be looking for someone who you feel you can trust and feel comfortable talking openly to. It might be helpful to set some expectations around what you are looking for prior to your calls. Here are a few things you can consider:

  1. Language - do you want your therapist to use more formal or informal language?

  2. Activity - do you want your therapist to mostly listen, or jump in and speak frequently?

  3. Ownership - do you want your therapist to set goals for you, or would you like to have more control on the process?

  4. Progress - do you want a therapist who keeps you posted on where they feel you are at, or do you want to define that for yourself?

The times I received for my intros don't work with my schedule. What do I do?

If the times that we chose for you don't fit your schedule, you have a few options to reschedule your intro calls.

  1. Check your inbox for an email from us; the subject line should start with "Appointment scheduled -". On the right hand side of the email, you should have two options to "Reschedule" or "Cancel".

  2. If you are having issues with rescheduling yourself or would prefer to have us help, you can text us at (415) 439-0518 or email, and we can work with you and your match to find a time that suits you both well.

My match didn't call me at the scheduled time. What's up?

First off we're sorry that happened; it's extremely frustrating to have that happen when you're putting in the effort to try and find a therapist. While this doesn't happen often, it is important to remember that it is probably for one of the following reasons:

  1. Your match had a call or session before yours that went over.

  2. Your match had a last-minute emergency and can't make the call.

  3. There was a technical issue and your match wasn't able to reach you.


In all of these cases, you feel free text us at (415) 439-0518 or email and let us know what happened. We can reach out to your match to find out what happened, and help you reschedule your intro to another time that works for you.

I just completed an intro call and I love my match! Do I need to copmlete my other intro calls before I make my choice?

That's great to hear! If you feel confident that you're ready to move forward, you don't need to complete your other intro calls. Let us know and we can help cancel the rest of them so that your other matches can open those slots to other members.


If you're not 100% sure, we recommend completing your other intro calls anyways before making the choice. You don't know what you may find out from your other match(es), and your original match isn't going anywhere. As always, don't be afraid to take your time and ensure you feel comfortable with the decision you're making.

I've completed my intro calls and don't feel a good fit. What do I do now?

We understand that you don't always find the right fit the first time around. If you aren't satisfied with the matches we provided, we are more than happy to rematch you with additional therapists until you find your ideal fit. Before we do that, though, we will reach out to you to get a better understanding of what you discovered in your intro calls that might help us find you better matches the second time around.

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