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Life is stressful. Therapy can help you manage it with resilience.

We believe therapy is a regular part of healthy living for everyone. It shouldn't be something you do only when things get bad.  Going regularly to take care of yourself shouldn't break the bank, so we worked hard to make that true.


The gym for your soul

Condition your brain and empower yourself to live your best life.


Gain insights about your life

75% of reflect clients gain new insights about their lives in the first 4 sessions. Therapists offer an unbiased and confidential sounding board to help you see your life with new perspective – which can open you up to new possibilities.

Learn practical ways to make changes

Our therapists can help you set goals and work together to realize meaningful change in your life. Unlike working on your own or talking with friends, the format of therapy means you can track progress regularly and make changes more quickly.


Build enduring resilience

You can't change what's coming – but therapy can help you stay resilient through life's inevitable ups and downs. Techniques like mindfulness create space to identify your stressors and help you manage emotions with awareness. 

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."

- George Eliot

Focus on what matters to you

Whether it's work stress, family issues, a break-up, or something entirely different, reflect therapists can help you work through the topics that worry you most and identify a plan to achieve greater balance and happiness for you.



Working in the West Coast is rough. Career stress has a major impact on our lives. reflect's therapist can help you manage challenges from work, define your own success, and navigate a path toward greater work/life balance.


Love / relationships

Relationships are hard work. Past experiences, future expectations, and new concepts like polyamory add complexity. reflect's therapists work with you to understand your behaviors so you can communicate with your partner better and work through various issues.



Dating can be stressful and all the dating apps further add to the craziness. Our therapists can help you analyze past relationships and uncover patterns so that you can open yourself to finding that special someone.


Financial / money

Juggling rent, student loans, and daily financial commitments isn't easy. A reflect therapist can help you understand the biggest drivers of your financial stress and identify ways to manage challenges.



No family is perfect. Some unresolved stress comes from experiences we had growing up or challenges with family members. Our therapists help you process issues or trauma so you can understand and change how they impact you.



Being a new parent is a huge life change. Stress can manifest in many ways such as anxiety, depression, or OCD. Talking to a therapist provides space to process the challenges of parenthood, so you can work better with your partner to raise your child.


Life Satisfaction

Sometimes we're in a funk and we don't really know why. Whether you call it a quarter-life or mid-life crisis, it can really strike at anytime and continue over time. A therapist can help dive into the drivers of your unhappiness so you can take steps to improve the quality of your life.

Body Weight / Issues

Both women and men are under enormous pressure to look a certain way. This can manifest in unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that are damaging to our body and spirit. reflect's therapists can help you to talk through these feelings to regain control and confidence.


LGBTQ Issues

Even in an accepting city like SF, figuring out where you fit isn't easy. reflect's therapists offer a confidential and non-judgmental forum to discuss your sexuality and gender identity questions, so you can live your life on your own terms.

Take the next step

If unaddressed, stressors can often worsen and impact your physical health – loss of sleep, high blood pressure, reduced immune system, and more. Don't wait until it's too late. Our therapists can help.

Not located in California?

Mental health is the crisis of our generation, and we're expanding soon to bring reflect to more people.

For those in the Bay Area and LA, we offer both in-person and teletherapy sessions.  Elsewhere in California, we are excited to offer remote therapy by video or phone.  


If you're looking for in-person therapy in other cities, join our waitlist to stay up to date on our progress and help shape where we launch next!

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