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Let's reflect

reflect is the easiest way to find the right therapist for you in Seattle.

Get matched with pre-vetted therapists in the Greater Seattle Area who are right for you and start therapy quickly and easily!

What type of therapy are you looking for?

Over 100,000 therapy sessions to date.  All to bring you the best match.

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How reflect works to find a therapist near you

How reflect works

Why reflect?

reflect vs therapy competitors like psychology today, betterhelp/talkspace

Hear from our members in Seattle

My therapist has been amazing! This is the best therapist I've ever found -- and I've tried many!

reflect member, Seattle

Black therapist talking to Asian Lady

Find the right therapist for you

Choose from the most robust self-pay network of top clinicians in the Greater Seattle Area and across Washington State.  We use 55 different data points to find just the right therapist who's background, style, and expertise match your unique needs.


Our therapists hold advanced degrees in psychology or related fields and undergo a rigorous state licensure process. They specialize in a variety of therapy orientations, such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, and mindfulness and they are available for both teletherapy and in-person sessions.

Start your therapy journey immediately

Don't wait, start therapy right away!

Finding a therapist can take months with insurance and require annoying back and forth (it's common for therapists to not even call you back because they're full!).  We think your mental health is more important and shouldn't wait.

With reflect, you get matched in less than 24 hours, and all of our providers are accepting new clients.  This means you can start therapy right away and feel better sooner.  

Girl starting on her journey
Graph of therapy outcomes over time

Results you can see

Reflect clients see a positive change in their lives after just 6 sessions- improved work, better relationships, sounder sleep, and more. 

Your reflect therapist can give you tools and techniques to start improving your life after your first session. And unlike traditional therapy, you don't have to go through therapy alone. reflect helps to ensure you see results, via personalized content, regular feedback, and dedicated support.

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Invest in yourself

Therapy is the best investment you can ever make in yourself. But seeing a therapist outside of reflect can be expensive. We reduce the costs with pre-negotiated rates up to 50% lower than what those same therapists charge outside of reflect.

More importantly, reflect ensures you don't waste money on someone who is not a good fit for you — guaranteed.  If you don't like your therapists, we'll happily rematch you for free!  So don't worry, get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Great organizations we've partnered with

We're honored to partner with companies across the country to make mental health more accessible.


Not located in California or Washington?

Mental health is the crisis of our generation, and we're expanding soon to bring reflect to more people.

For those in the Bay Area and LA, we offer both in-person and teletherapy sessions.  Elsewhere in California and in Washington, we are excited to offer remote therapy by video or phone.  


If you're looking for in-person therapy in other cities, join our waitlist to stay up to date on our progress and help shape where we launch next!


One step closer to your best self

Don't wait another day. Our therapists have helped thousands and are excited to work with you.

Take a quick survey to receive your personalized matches for free.

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