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Our algorithm finds qualified therapists, and our experienced team reviews each match.

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Reflect worked great to find me the perfect therapist that met all of my expectations!

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The gym for your soul

We understand that life in Los Angeles can be hard. At reflect, going to therapy isn't just about recovery. It's about working with a professional to build resilience and strength so that you're ready for life, whatever it brings. Here are just a few ways that therapy can bring real change to your real life:


Work / Career

Working in Los Angeles is hard. Career stress has a major impact on our lives. reflect's therapist can help you manage challenges from work, define your own success, and navigate a path toward greater work/life balance.

It's no secret that living in Los Angeles is expensive. Juggling rent, student loans, and daily financial commitments isn't easy. A reflect therapist can help you understand the biggest drivers of your financial stress and identify ways to manage challenges.



Relationships are hard work. Past experiences and future expectations add complexity. reflect's therapists work with you to understand your behaviors so you can communicate with your partner better and work through various issues.

Dating / Relationships


No issue is too small if it affects your wellbeing. A reflect therapist can equip you with the tools to move through life in a confident and healthy way.


Personalized, data-driven matches

All therapists are not the same, and spending time with a bad fit can be a waste of valuable time and energy. At reflect, we utilize 55 data points to find great matches for you, based on our own research on the best predictors of success in therapy. Try for free. 

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Real change for real life

80% of our reflect members in Los Angeles notice a meaningful change in their lives after 6 sessions – increased life satisfaction, better relationships, sounder sleep, and better mood.

We're with you each step of the way to ensure you get the most out of therapy with dedicated support, regular feedback, and facilitated scheduling and billing.

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Largest network of self-pay therapists in California

Our therapists hold advanced degrees in psychology or related fields from institutions such as UCLA and Berkeley, and each undergoes a rigorous state licensure process. In LA, we cover popular areas such as Santa Monica, Venice, West LA, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood to make sure you get the best therapist for you near you.

Our therapists specialize in a variety of therapy orientations, such as CBT, DBT, and mindfulness. And we are also proud to have 40% therapists of color and 20% providers who focus on LGBTQ+ issues.  

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Our rates

Mental health should be accessible, but therapy can be expensive. That's why we negotiated with top therapists to provide their services at a discount – up to 50% less than their typical rates.

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*reflect does not take in-network insurance but can help with out-of-network and HSA/FSA reimbursement.

Great organizations we've partnered with

We're excited to partner with companies across California to increase access to mental health care.

Why don't you take in-network insurance?

reflect pre-negotiates lower rates with therapists instead of taking insurance as we find that the top therapists do not take insurance and many providers on insurance lists don’t have spots for new clients, forcing you to join long waitlists or go with a sub-optimal choice.

By pre-negotiating rates with therapists instead, reflect can help you get matched faster to a therapist that is a good fit for you with no wait times while ensuring that you pay less than what you would outside of reflect!


Not located in California?

Mental health is the crisis of our generation, and we're expanding soon to bring reflect to more people.

For those in the Bay Area and LA, we offer both in-person and teletherapy sessions.  Elsewhere in California, we are excited to offer remote therapy by video or phone.  


If you're looking for in-person therapy in other cities, join our waitlist to stay up to date on our progress and help shape where we launch next!


One step closer to your best self

There's no day like today! Our therapists have helped thousands and are excited to work with you.

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