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FAQs - Choosing your therapist

I've completed my intros and I'm ready to choose my therapist - what do I do?

Within a few days of completing your intro calls, you should receive an email from us with information on the next steps and how to choose your therapist. If you haven't received that email within two days, or want to let us know sooner, text us at (415) 439-0518 or email


Within that email there will be a form where you will choose your therapist, as well as leave feedback for each of your matches. It's always appreciated if you leave constructive and honest feedback on all of your intro calls, so your matches can learn for future calls.


Once you've chosen, you can schedule your first session through our calendar partner, Setmore, or reach out to us and we can help to schedule it for you!

I'm torn between two matches - how should I choose?

Some members opt to do two "first" sessions with both therapists to get an idea of what a full session with each is like. If that option is unrealistic for you, we have a few tips that could help:

  1. Go back to your match email and look at what modalities each match practices. Do some additional research into each and see if you learn anything more that may give one match an edge over the other.

  2. We've found over time that members stuck with a hard choice will often choose and find more success with someone they feel will be able to help them solve their issues over someone who they may actually feel more comfortable with but feel less confident that they can solve their issues.

  3. Trust your gut - if you had a first reaction but are second-guessing yourself, consider giving your first choice a chance. You can always change your mind later!

What if I end up not liking my therapist after all?

First off, don't feel discouraged! We are more than happy to schedule new sessions with one of your other matches, or provide your new matches for you to vet. And don't be worried about losing progress - your new therapist will be able to use what you tell them about your old sessions to pick up right where you left off and implement new strategies that may be more effective for you.

I've just chosen my therapist and scheduled my first session. What now?

Congrats on finding a therapist! You'll receive a DocuSign consent form (which will contain important policies and CC authorization), to be filled out before your first in-person session. Your therapist will also be following up with a logistics email. If you haven't received either of these within 48 hours of your appointment, text us at (415) 439-0518 or email and we will get things sorted out.

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