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Simple and affordable

The current therapy pricing model doesn't work - so we changed it.

We've negotiated pricing to bring you up to 50% savings

Mental health should be accessible, but therapy can be expensive. 

That’s why we negotiated with top therapists to provide their services at a discount - up to 50% less than their typical rates.

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Membership options

Studies show going weekly helps you get the most out of therapy. We created several membership options to help you build a habit and to lower the cost of therapy even more.

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* Prices listed are for teletherapy day sessions (before 5pm) only.  The option for in-person or evening sessions can be included for an additional $60 and $80 respectively per month.

Member model benefits

  • 4 sessions per month included, with unlimited additional sessions at the discounted rates per session above (e.g., $145 for 1:1)

  • You are billed month-to-month and can cancel at any time

  • Unused monthly credits roll over and are valid for one year while on membership

  • Priority access to a standing session with your preferred date, time and therapist

Pay per session

You can also choose to pay per session at our pre-negotiated rates. We offer two affordable pricing tiers based on session start time. 

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* Prices listed are for teletherapy sessions only.  There is an additional $15 charge per session for in-person sessions.

For those with financial hardship

Our mission is to make quality care more accessible, and we don’t ever want cost to be a barrier to therapy. reflect offers a sliding scale program for clients facing financial hardship.  Sessions are heavily discounted starting at $110 per session.  

We don't take in-network insurance. Why?

Our priority is getting you the care you need when you’re ready, which creates some issues with insurance providers, such as:

  • Most top therapists don’t accept in-network insurance options.

  • Many providers on insurance lists don’t have spots for new clients, forcing you to join waitlists or go with a sub-optimal choice.

  • Insurance companies mandate mental “disorder” diagnoses prior to coverage, and even then insurers have different arbitrary caps on coverage. It’s an approach that we feel often pushes people to wait until things get bad before they seek a therapist.

What you can use to lower your therapy costs!

Instead, reflect can help you save up to 80% with:  

HSA / FSA dollars

Out-of-network insurance benefits

Just let us know if you'd like to use one of these options once you’ve chosen a therapist, and we'll coordinate everything with your provider and help you submit claims. Simply contact our billing team at
If you are unsure if you qualify, our dedicated billing expert can help here.

In addition, ask your employer about their mental health benefits. Some companies we partner with reimburse or subsidize for therapy similarly to a gym membership (if they don't, you should ask them to!).

Learn more about how reflect can help you navigate out-of-network benefits to save you up to 80% off therapy.

We also believe in transparent pricing.  You are entitled to a good faith estimate in compliance with the 2021 No Surprises Act.   Learn more here.

Try for free today

reflect's free intro sessions give you the chance to try a therapist risk-free. Take a quick survey to receive personalized matches tailored to your needs. 

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