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What are reflect's intro sessions?

​Our goal is for you to find the right therapist for you. Our matching algorithm identifies therapists who are likely a strong match on their style, personality, and specialty. But you need to feel comfortable with your therapist. That's why we designed the FREE intro calls to help you get to know your matches, so you can confidently choose one for in-person sessions. 

How do I schedule an intro?

We know that scheduling logistics can be cumbersome. When you take your matching survey, we provide the option to help you pre-schedule your intro sessions with your matches. Just include times that work for you, and we'll coordinate. There's no obligation, as you can cancel and reschedule after you get your matches. 

You can also elect to schedule these sessions yourself. In that case, we'll send you scheduling links to access the therapists' online calendars and choose times most convenient for you. You can also reply to the text confirmations you receive from our team or email for help scheduling. 


What do I do at the time of my appointment?

The therapist will call you at your scheduled time via the number you provided in your matching survey.


Find your fit

Our free intro sessions help you choose the right therapist with confidence.

What should I ask?

First of all, it's okay if you don't know what you want in a therapist quite yet. Your goal should be to figure out who you feel most comfortable speaking with and who you think could best help you. These are NOT intended to be mini therapy sessions.

In addition to sharing a bit about yourself (as you feel comfortable), you can ask questions to understand how each therapist might work with you:

  • How do you prefer to interact with clients? 

  • How does your therapeutic orientation influence your client relationships? 

  • What makes you different from other therapists?

  • What is your experience helping clients with X [probe on the issues you're thinking about most]? 

  • How would your current clients describe you?

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to talk to all my matches?

​We recommend you speak with all matches to find who is best for you. If you're trying therapy for the first time or are unsure what they want in a therapist, this is a great way to try for free. 

​However, we understand some people may feel a strong connection with one match and may be busy. If that's the case, you can elect to schedule a 1:1 with one match before going through all the intro sessions. Just email, and we'll help you coordinate.

What happens after I'm done?

Once you complete all the intro sessions, you'll receive a link to select a therapist and schedule your first 1:1 session. We employ a 48 hour cancellation policy for all appointments

I've completed my intro calls and don't feel a good fit - what do I do?

Our top priority is for you to find someone you're comfortable with, and we understand the right therapist doesn't always come on the first go. 


If for any reason you'd like to consider more options, please let us know, and we're happy to help rematch you with other therapists.

Pricing or insurance questions?

Check out our 'Pricing' page for answers to other related questions such as per-session cost and why we don't take in-network insurance (there's a good reason!). 

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