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Customer Reviews

See what reflect clients have to say about reflect.


San Francisco

Finding a therapist is so frustrating. Most top practices do not take insurance and charge $200+ per session. If you find a practice that takes insurance, they are likely not accepting new patients and have long waitlists. Even still, if you somehow find a practice that takes your insurance and has availability, the therapist’s style may not be a match for you.  Reflect took care of ALL OF IT. Your service made everything so easy and it is effective. You don’t waste precious time on your way to feeling better.


Los Angeles

I thought I would never find a therapist that was a good fit for me. I work in a niche industry with unique challenges and come from a mixed family, so it was hard to find a therapist that could help me with all of my issues. To my surprise, reflect actually found a therapist for me that could not only relate to all my struggles, but was also a match for me stylistically. 


San Francisco

My previous therapist I saw through my insurance was only available once every few months. It was incredibly frustrating but I could not afford the crazy rates some self-pay therapists were charging. Through reflect, I was able to quickly find a therapist that could work with me weekly at an affordable price. 



THANK YOU reflect for helping me to start my therapy journey! I have been putting it off for months because it was so daunting to pick a therapist out of an endless list on the internet. The matches you gave me were amazing and I am so glad that I started therapy.

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San Francisco

Reflect is not only affordable and accessible, but it made the intimidating process of finding a therapist extremely stress-free and helpful. I have recommended it to many friends who went on to sign up and find therapists they clicked with.


Los Angeles

Going into therapy I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to get out of it. But it’s allowed me to find self love and a voice I didn’t think I had. This could not have been possible without reflect!



The matching model was pretty cool and accurate. Finding a therapist to match with can be rough so I liked your model and how easy you made it.


San Francisco

I tried a few providers and found reflect to be the most user-friendly and the team was able to address all my enquiries efficiently and promptly! I love my therapist and can't thank you guys enough!

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