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How can therapy benefit me?

Let’s face it - life can get very overwhelming at times. Whether there’s been a sudden loss, new realities, unresolved issues or pressure of any kind, the balancing act between managing our emotional world along with our work/life balance can be challenging to say the least. These days, it can definitely feel like we are getting pulled in a thousand directions at once.  One false move, and the whole house of cards comes down. The Bay Area presents its own issues within the areas of career, finances and work/life balance - it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re walking on a tightrope everyday. 

That struggle between emotional wellness and work/life balance may benefit from some professional help. Much like we need assistance with our taxes, we can also reach out to professionals who will support our desire for a healthy and happy life. Professional therapists bridge the gap between, “can I do this?” and “here’s our plan.” Whether you suspect an underlying mental illness or simply need an outside perspective to talk it out, therapy can benefit you in many ways. 

According to Forbes, there are some pretty intriguing reasons to give talk therapy a try. The number one reason? Therapy has lasting benefits. This is because a therapist helps people work through the issues and develop tools to deal with future problems. While just about everyone can benefit, recent studies found that 60% of adults with mental health concerns did not receive mental health services in the previous year.

Consider bringing a therapist that is a good fit for you into your support system and you’ll find that it is a fantastic opportunity to level up your professional game and improve your personal life. It can help you handle emotions from problems or stressors, even if they are not dramatically traumatic or life-altering. Therapy can deliver results relatively quickly; the American Psychological Association reports that many patients felt improvement within two weeks of talk therapy. 75% of the clients who work with reflect will gain new insights about their lives within the first four sessions.

​Here’s a closer look at four great reasons to put “find a therapist” on today’s to-do list.

Reduce work and career stress

Not only are work and career issues a significant strain on mental health, they require peak performance in order to be successful. That can sometimes feel like a vicious cycle - the very source of stress demands that you operate at your most effective. Understandably, these issues aren’t discussed much within the workplace, and although friends and family can lend an ear, this bears a limit.

A professional therapist provides a neutral, outside perspective where deeper issues are uncovered and a plan can be put in place. It will take some of the strain off your plate and help you feel empowered rather than embattled when facing work the next day. Discussing your work woes with a therapist can be extremely productive for your professional experience, maximizing income and most importantly, enjoying what you do! ​

Build resilience

Life happens. Constantly. There’s no “pause” button on the stream of events and circumstances that come and go. Therapy delivers tools and techniques from a trusted professional to help you approach situations from a new and more objective perspective. These new strategies lead to feeling more in control of yourself and your reactions; anxiety is reduced and better decisions are reached. This is because working closely with a trusted professional therapist builds confidence and helps to maintain a hopeful outlook. How? By developing your decision-making skills, emotional response, clarity of purpose and coping mechanisms, you’ll be able to trust your new strengths. ​

Clarify blind spots

Even with mindfulness in place and a clear sense of who you are, there is a chance there are still a few blind spots that you’re simply not catching. A therapist is trained and experienced to identify areas that are opportunity for development. Old patterns or habits, a narrow perspective, and relationship stressors are great examples of common blind spots. These areas can be analyzed with a keen eye for removing obstacles that block you from achieving your goals. Sure, talking with friends and family is an important part of your support system however, a trusted professional therapist is neutral and focused on working closely with you to find clear solutions without any emotional stake in the process. ​

Enhance life satisfaction

Life is meant to be lived well. But that doesn’t always happen, does it? And when things get overwhelming, the pressure sometimes leads to poor choices. Perhaps nutrition goes out the window, moods are sour and the bloodstream feels like it is 99% caffeine. To say that life is satisfying when overloaded with pressure is definitely a stretch. This is where the clear benefits of therapy come together in a larger, more comprehensive bonus: you’ll simply enjoy life more. That’s hard to measure yet easy to spot. Time with a professional therapist will be encouraging and productive.

​A safe space to get some real results that last. Your overall outlook on life (and yourself) can shift from fearful to hopeful, from confused to clarified, and from frustrated to peaceful. You deserve to enjoy a high-quality life, and therapy provides a clear path along with someone to help you each step of the way.

If you’re ready to re-launch your life through therapy, let reflect help you find the best therapist in the Bay Area to meet your needs. 90% of reflect clients find a therapist they like  - perhaps it’s time to add yourself to the equation. Get matched today for a better tomorrow.


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