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Information you should know

We believe in being transparent. In case you missed any of it from our site, here are some important things to know about reflect before you take the next steps.

What's coming next?

We want to make sure you know exactly where you stand in your journey towards choosing a therapist. 

Once you've received your matches, you'll be given a chance to have a 20-minute call with each to get a better idea of who you might be most comfortable working with. Not sure what to talk about? Click here for some tips and pointers!

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We've negotiated with therapists in our network to offer sessions at up to 50% off their typical rate.


Our costs are all fixed-rate, and only vary based on if you are looking for individual or couples therapy, or if you need to schedule your sessions for the day or evening.


We don't take in-network insurance. Why?

Our priority is getting you the care you need when you’re ready, which creates some issues with insurance providers, such as:

  • Most top therapists in the Bay Area don’t accept in-network insurance options.

  • Many providers on insurance lists don’t have spots for new clients, forcing you to join waitlists or go with a sub-optimal choice.

  • Insurance companies mandate mental “disorder” diagnoses prior to coverage, and even then insurers have different arbitrary caps on coverage. It’s an approach that we feel often pushes people to wait until things get bad before they seek a therapist.

What you can use!

HSA / FSA dollars

Out-of-network insurance benefits

Just let us know if you'd like to use one of these options once you’ve chosen a therapist, and we'll coordinate everything on the backend with your provider. Simply contact our billing team at

Ask your employer about their mental health benefits. Some companies we partner with reimburse or subsidize for therapy similarly to a gym membership (if they don't, you should ask them to!).

Let us know if we can help!

We're here to support you!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, text us at (415) 439-0518 or email We always respond within 24 hours (during the week)!