Congrats on taking this amazing step!  Here's what's next.


Receive matches

You'll get your matches within 48 hours via SMS and email.

Please ensure you can receive messages from 

and (415) 439-0518, so that your matches don't go to spam!

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Complete intro calls

Try each match for free for 20-minute by phone to find who fits you best. 


Not sure what to talk about? Click here for some tips and pointers!


Make your choice

When you've completed your intro calls, we'll work to help you choose your therapist with confidence.

Look for an email with next steps shortly after your last intro call. 

Note, if you opted to go straight to your first therapy session, you will instead get an email with appointment details.


We've pre-negotiated with our therapists to offer sessions at up to 50% off their typical rates. 

Use pre-tax HSA/FSA and out-of-network insurance benefits for additional savings.

We don't take in-network insurance. Why?

Our priority is getting you the care you need when you’re ready, which creates some issues with insurance providers, such as:

  • Most top therapists in the Bay Area don’t accept in-network insurance options.

  • Many providers on insurance lists don’t have spots for new clients, forcing you to join waitlists or go with a sub-optimal choice.

  • Insurance companies mandate mental “disorder” diagnoses prior to coverage, and even then insurers have different arbitrary caps on coverage. It’s an approach that we feel often pushes people to wait until things get bad before they seek a therapist.

What you can use!

HSA / FSA dollars

Out-of-network insurance benefits

Just let us know if you'd like to use one of these options, and we'll coordinate everything on the backend with your provider after your first session. Contact our billing team at

Ask your employer about their mental health benefits. Some companies we partner with reimburse or subsidize for therapy similarly to a gym membership (if they don't, you should ask them to!).

We're here to support you!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, text us at (415) 439-0518 or email We always respond within 24 hours (during the week)!