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Let's reflect

Mental health is the #1 cause of disability worldwide and a leading factor in employee absenteeism and churn. 


Join other top employers and support your employees to access quality therapy with reflect.

Over 100,000 therapy sessions to date.  All to bring your employees the best match.

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Invest in your employees

Employees are struggling.  Since the pandemic, team members have been juggling more than ever across work and their personal lives.  This affects how they show up at work -- or don't. 

Mental health impacts employee performance, retention, team culture, and a company's bottom line.  

reflect can help you support your teams with an easy and effective way to access quality mental health care. 

The best option for SMBs

Unlike other companies that require significant upfront and monthly costs, our flexibility makes reflect the perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses looking to help their employees without breaking the bank. 

Whether you're ready to supplement sessions or just want to give your teams a quality resource for care, reflect can help. Our pre-negotiated rates and support for out-of-network reimbursement are guaranteed to lower costs for employees. 

Black therapist talking to Asian Girl

Help when your employees need it most

Knowing where to start is the hardest step for many employees.  reflect built the largest self-pay network of top therapists across the West Coast to solve this very problem.  And we use 55 different data points to match your employees to the right therapist who's background, style, and expertise match their unique needs.


We know time matters.  With reflect, your employees get matched in less than 24 hours, and all of our providers are accepting new clients.  This means they can start therapy right away and feel better sooner. 

Great organizations we've partnered with

We're honored to partner with companies across the country to make mental health more accessible.

How reflect works to find a therapist near you

How reflect works for employees

Why reflect?

reflect vs competitors like betterhelp/talkspace and psychology today

Don't just take our word for it

My therapist has been amazing! This is the best therapist I've ever found -- and I've tried many!

reflect member, San Francisco

Try reflect for yourself

Our therapists have helped thousands and are excited to work with you and your teams.

Experience the reflect difference for yourself.  Take a quick survey to receive your personalized matches for free.

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