Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy is a method that combines psychotherapy ("talk therapy") and active therapy to help you uncover and process negative thoughts and reactions you may feel from old memories or experiences.

The underlying principle of Somatic Therapy is that the mind and body are linked, meaning unresolved negative emotions from the past may linger in your body and cause you real physical pain when they surface. By developing strategies for mitigating and deal with these troubling emotions, you will be able to move forward with a healthier mind and body.


You can expect sessions to involve a focus on reliving a past memory that may be a point of pain or discomfort for you. Once you have recalled the memory, your therapist will help you identify any physical reactions you may be experiencing. Depending on what you find, your therapist will help you to develop strategies for dealing with these feelings in the future, using techniques such as breathing and meditation exercises. Additionally, your therapist may recommend more active strategies on top of your sessions, like yoga or massage.

By practicing the strategies you develop with your therapist consistently, you can learn to free yourself from the pain caused by resurfaced experiences and engage more fully in your life.

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