Gestalt Therapy is a combination of psychotherapy ("talk therapy") and active therapy. The primary goal of Gestalt methods is to increase self-awareness of what is holding you back in the present by better understanding how past experiences still negatively influence you.

A major thing to note is that Gestalt methods don't want you to simply think about the past, they want you to bring it to the present in order to most effectively determine the underlying causes of what is affecting you now.


As such, it's common that a session will involve other forms of experiential therapy, such as role-playing or re-enactment. By actively recreating past situations, you are able to process these experiences in the present and understand how they may have created negative thought patterns and behaviors that still hold you back.

Once you've successfully identified those obstacles, your therapist will help you to develop tools to reverse and move past those barriers in order to live a more fulfilling life.

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