Jungian Therapy

Jungian Therapy (sometimes referred to as "Jungian Analysis") is a form of therapy that works to bring the conscious and unconscious mind together. This involves deeper exploration into what is considered the true subconscious "self" as opposed to simply looking at the "self" that you monitor and present to the world.

While Jungian Therapy is used to treat a wide range of mental health conditions, it's also a useful method for anybody looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.


You can expect sessions to involve a variety of techniques and strategies for deeper exploration, such as interpretation of your dreams, word association exercises, or more expressive activities such as art. All of these techniques aim to bring to light issues that you may be unknowingly connecting to different situations or stimuli.

Jungian Therapy relies heavily on consistent hard work, repeated sessions, and "homework" done outside of session .

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