Humanistic Therapy

Humanistic Therapy (sometimes referred to as "humanism") is a therapeutic approach which highlights the importance of understanding each person as a whole human with unique experiences, as opposed to an archetype or trying to place them within a category.

Humanistic therapy utilizes a gestalt approach to generate insights and wisdom, focusing on feelings of the present as opposed to digging through the past.

A humanistic therapist will focus on your positive traits and behaviors and try to better understand how you perceives your own behaviors, actions, and thoughts.


By maintaining a focus on positive traits and behaviors, the therapist will help you to reinforce your internalized self-image to highlight the good and set you up to harness your own personal intuitions to achieve fulfillment and personal growth.

You can expect a Humanistic therapist to be warm and empathetic. It's important for you not feel judged while sharing your thoughts views of yourself, so your therapist may establish themselves as a peer or equal as opposed to a mentor or authority figure.

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