Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy is actually a category of therapy, containing methodologies that focus on activity to generate insights and make personal discoveries. These include methodologies such as Expressive Arts and Drama, Wilderness, and Psychodrama Therapies, though there are many others.

The goal of Experiential Therapy is to identify and release subconscious issues or emotions through activities like role-playing, guided imagery, and creation. Once those issues have become clear, you are able to observe and better understand the underlying causes of each.


A large benefit of these methods is their ability to help a person relax and let their guard down since they are focused on the activity at hand rather than their thoughts.

In Experiential Therapy, you can expect your therapist to encourage activity and lead a discussion to help process the experience, while also leaving room for you to interpret and evaluate your own reactions to what you've discovered.

Participants of Experiential Therapy report greater feelings of success in life, a boost to self-esteem outside of sessions, and an increased willingness to take responsibility for their actions.

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